Monday, April 28, 2008

the Kiddos

What are two little kiddies and their nanny to do when springtime sun takes a turn for the worse, and you see the ever loathing April Showers? Why we make Jello of course!

And as you can see.. we don't kid around with our Jello! Why would we make just one boring flavor when we could make every color we have? Jello is just so fun, and the more the merrier :) It Jiggles, it wiggles, and well its just great for turning sad kids into happy ones.
We actually did have a reason for making all of those different flavors and colors. We found this idea to make 'Rainbow Jello Stacks'. So just like it sounds, you make all of the colors of the rainbow into Jello, or whichever colors have flavors that your kids will eat. Then you cut them and stack them.
Unfortunately, Jello is also slippery, so the stacks did a sort of stack slide thing... and they didn't quite turn out like the picture. That was okay though, because Little Ann and Little Dan, were fine with them however they got them, as long as they were edible. So I scooped them up and slid them into bowls, and they soon turned to Jello Mush!

What a Jiggly, Silly, Wiggly, Delicious Day!

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gaylen said...

Hmmm - big fun with the jello - but did you try making one layer, letting it set, making the next one on top of the first and so on so it would chill together and be stacked? g