Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swap Topic...

So this week for the Spring C&Y Swap, they asked us if we have seen any 'spring' weather in our neck of the woods and if due to that we find ourselves knitting differently..

Well... Seeing as the only thing that I really knit is scars.... I'm still makin'em. (sorry swap pal!) Although I did make a baby blanket once, and a few baby hats, and yea.. thats it besides scarfs! So I haven't really changed much. I did get my project for my partner on the needles, and so far it is really cute. Its a scarf- surprise surprise!-- but I am making it a little wider than normal so that it is more shall like. And it is in the yarn that you were all referring to as my 'sock yarn'... Hopefully she will like it... or maybe I should just hope to finish it before I hope anything else... But I do feel that the colors are more springy.


Anonymous said...

Well, then I have my answer on the yarn weight anyways - anything that will make a lovely scarf. I'm going to email you the link to the sweetest scarf I have seen in a little while - a blogiversary posting and I want to cast it on now.
Coffee swap pal

gaylen said...

Hey Chicca - can you please email me the picture? thanks - mom!!!