Saturday, April 26, 2008

Its been a sit'n'knit kind of week!

The sun has been shining all week long! And it has been wonderful! So when Little Dan has been sleeping, and I have been sneaking outside, and soaking it in. But why just sit there empty handed, when you have homework to do, and a swap deadline for your project. So I did the homework first, because although the swap may be more fun, the homework is a must.. so far I have A's in both of my classes, and I'm not ready to screw that up yet. But once the homework was done..I got out my knitting! Its coming along, I've only ripped it out twice since starting it, and I am now on ball #2 of yarn! I even went to the lys this morning and hung out knitting for a while. It was great. So here's the progress: I am really enjoying how the colors in this varrigated are stitching up. I hope that my swap pal likes it too! Happy knitting everybody! And I hope that everyone has been getting a little glimpse of spring and some time to enjoy it!

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Nichole said...

I love the way your drop stitch scarf is coming along!