Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Fling Swap

This Week's Topic:

Browse around some of the other blogs of participants, and find one person who enjoys a similar roast coffee to you - share something interesting about them that you find on THEIR blog, and tell us what you've been working on knitting or crochet-wise this week!

So... I have been aimlessly wandering the pages of other people's blogs, and I have discovered that there are a few people who enjoy a roast similar to what I like... that might have something to do with the fact that I enjoy a range of roasts though. So here is what I have discovered:
Lizet enjoys a nice bold roast, which I also enjoy, especially on a lazy day that really shouldn't be so lazy and I need something bold and exciting to start my day off right.
Tanja also enjoys a nice, rich, bold roast. Go check out her blog, she has the cutest pictures of a box that her daughter knit for her. So adorable!
I also very much enjoyed browsing Christy T.'s Blog... She has a ton of cute little knit animals that she has made, and she also enjoys a bold roast, as well as the 'reduced fat' (haha) 'cinnamon swirl coffee cake' from Starbucks that is oh so delicious!
I had fun checking out everybody's blogs... well not everyone b/c that would have taken me all day, but I did enjoy reading the ones that I randomly selected from the list!
As far as what I am working on.. I just opened the bottom left drawer in my dresser yesterday. It is the drawer that holds little bags of half done, almost finished, or not yet started knitting projects; and I pulled out one of the scarfs that I started a while back. It is a fairly easy pattern so I am hoping to finish it up either this week or next :) We'll see though!

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gaylen said...

Wow! She does knit. Glad to see you posting a little more regularly :) g