Monday, April 7, 2008

Feed the Birds, Feed the birds....

The other day, the song lyrics of "Feed the Birds" from Marry Poppins were ringing in my head. (Although I just looked up the lyrics and I was apparently remembering them wrong... oh well). Anyway, there were quite a few ducks and geese down at the pond in our back yard, so Little Ann decided to go grab some bread, and then grab the neighbor boy, and then feed the birds. :)

They were a little disappointed that the geese were steeling all of the food, so they were trying to chuck larger chunks of their bread and bagels to distract the geese while they tried to run to get some food to the ducks. Their plan however didn't work, because the geese would just eat more quickly and then follow the kids to see if they could get some more!

They certainly had a good time though! The entire area surrounding the pond was echoing with their laughter for at least a half an hour! (One of life's most joyful sounds) It was all good that day! :)

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Nichole said...

You get to have so much fun working... I'm jealous!
Hey btw, the doggy contest is ON again on my blog!!!