Friday, April 25, 2008

DOT..on friday :)

Poor Kati has to wear a cone....and unfortunately for me...I can no longer call her a bitch. The pup got fixed. She's doing well, and the stitches look great! So other than the fact that she can't figure out how do to anything! with a cone on her head, and she is constantly ramming everything and everyone with her giant plastic cone of pain, Kati lady should have a speedy recovery and no more cone soon!! Here are some cute pictures of little miss cone head Kati:


gaylen said...

I lurve the picture of Katie under the hutch with the cone on. I've seen her crawl under there and it's funny without a cone! g

Firefly Nights said...

Kati, tell your Mom that there's a new type of soft collar available to use in place of those hard plastic ones. We've asked our Mom to get them for us in case we ever need them.
Mosby and Roscoe