Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coffee and Tea, and the Java and Me...

A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, yeah! (This is a song that we sang in Jazz Choir when I was in 8th Grade, and will now be stuck in my head all day long)

Anyhow the weekly Coffee and Yarn Swap topic:
Tell us how you started drinking coffee. Were you in high school or college and making it through all nighters? Did you get it from a family member? What drives your love of the bean?

So I guess I started drinking it around 8th grade, on an occasional sort of thing. I think it was just when I could convince my mo to get me something from Jason's while she was there, or for my dad to pick me up something from Starbucks. But then once I hit 9th grade, and I had to get to class ridiculously early I started drinking it everyday. And then since for about a year and a half (starting in March of '06) I worked at Jason's Java... well I just got hooked! And it was tough when I first moved to Connecticut, I realized the lack of coffee houses! It aint no Seattle Coffee Town! But I found the local Starbucks really quickly! :)

Happy Swappin', and more importantly: Happy drinking of the wonderful caffeinated beverages!!

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blogfreefornowjess said... has been a week...UPDATE! Surely you have pics of mexican food night! bummed that we missed it!!!