Sunday, March 2, 2008


I found it!!! A new LYS that is! The one that I used to shop at closed a little over a month ago, and I hadn't found a new one yet... although I hadn't actually gone online to look for local shops I had just driven around trying to find one. It turns out the new one, is one that I drove by all of the time, but it has such a small little storefront that I had never seen it! But I've found it now, and I love it, its a decent size for a shop and the women who work there are very nice. It is called Knitting Central.
And of course, who goes into a yarn shop without walking out with at least one new project, or the yarn for an undecided project... I'm going to say that none of us knitters know how to show restraint when bombarded with beautiful fibers, that are luxurious, and soft... inevitably you walk out with something :)
So I bought two skeins of this beautiful Merino Wool, called Super Merino (which means it is washable!). The color is color #139 which is a variegated yarn with a scale of light to medium blues as well as some more medium greens and teals. I like it a lot...and it will match two of three winter coats that I own, plus a good chunk of my wardrobe. (I'm thinking of making it into a cute lacy scarf.. anyone have a good pattern in mind?


gaylen said...

Hmmm - looks like sock yarn to me. You should have asked them to wind it into balls! What is the yardage? g

Nichole said...

YEAH for finding a new "home"! The Queen is right I think... sock yarn! Have you done socks before?? ;-)