Monday, March 30, 2009

Monsters Munchkin Monday

This past Friday I took the littles to go see Monsters vs. Aliens

It was really cute! I highly recommend it to anyone with kids, or who can use someone elses kids as an excuse to see little kid movies...I love little kid movies, and its a good thing I'm a nanny because there are a lot of great kids movies lately. This movie had a lot of good humor for the kids, and the adults too, I may have laughed more than any of the kids in the theater... oh least I was enjoying myself :)

So basically... it was a good movie, it had great animation, the expressions and details were amazing (as they are in all dreamworks/pixar movies), the plot was cute and easy to follow, nothing really scary happened so it was good for the little guys too... all in all I think its a winner.

Next on the list of Kid Movies to see is Up :)

Other than that.. I woke up Saturday morning, and I was sick...booo. I'm still getting over the last little bit of it, and of course I'm still today we are taking it easy--here's hoping for easy kids today, and hoping to get better by the end of the day too :)

Happy Munchkin Monday..Have a great day!

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Channon said...

LOL... I'm not much on cartoons, but there are some voices in there I'd like to hear. I liked Shrek, so I *CAN* like cartoons...