Wednesday, March 4, 2009

6 dedicated knitting hours!

Tonight I am boarding a plane to visit my home town of Seattle and to hug my family & friends :)

With me I will be carrying my Cardigan, and knitting up those sleeves! These are some shots of the Front and back of it as a vest.... don't worry I am adding the sleeves, it will just be a while. I'm sure the long flight will make a nice dent in the progress :)

Happy Knitting everyone... and if I haven't posted in a few days, I blame it on being busy visiting with everyone back home :)


Channon said...

I bet you'll have a sweater, complete with sleeves when you get home! Enjoy!

gaylen said...

It looks fabulous!

Guess what she told me last night Chan? Not only did she not get me anything on her yarn crawl, but she's bringing yarn home to wind using my swift and ball winder. Oh the nerve!!! g