Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Project to Work on

A little baby top down cardi!

So sweet:

I started working on this one when I was home, just so that I could have something small to carry around in my purse. I have about 15 rows of body left to go, and then sleeves!
I am making it for a woman I babysit for on the side, and I was actually working on it at their house last night.. When Mrs. A came home she was gushing about how darling it is.. so I have a good feeling that she will love it and she may even actually use it! She is Due June 18 so I have plenty of time to get it finished, though I have a feeling that it won't take that long!


Channon said...

It's adorable, and I would hope ANYONE would actually use a knitted baby gift... ;) Does she know it's for her baby?

gaylen said...

It's looking so sweet. Does you know why they call it mmmmmmalabrigo yet? g

Nichole said...

Very cute! What pattern are u using?

Ani said...

tres cute! wheres that pattern?! I gotta have it! I think that would be a good first knitting project for me if i ever put down my crochet hook ;-)