Sunday, March 8, 2009

Any time here is good time here!

Here being Seattle visiting with my family and a few good friends.

This is the gorgeous sunset in NYC that I drove far enough away from to get a great picture of on my way to the airport.
I arrived Late Wednesday night, got dropped off at my parents house, and saw them when I woke up Thursday morning.
Thursday morning I woke up, went with Mr. Jay to pick up a car for the weekend, to sort of test drive it to see if it could be my new baby... turns out, I don't love it, and unfortunately I look for love in vehicles.
Later I brought my mom lunch at the office and we hung out for a good portion of the afternoon.
Thursday night A group of us went out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory (if you have one in your neck of the woods, you should try it because it is quite delicious).

Friday I woke up, and hung out with my mom until it was time to leave to go buy her a new sewing machine... she was very excited! Then we ran around shopping at the craft store, and buying some new jeans, and making our way to the yarn store.
We sat at the yarn store for quite a while knitting away, and having tea! I had my mom help me pick out the buttons for my cardigan, and buttons for the cardigan that will be made for the sweet baby that I will eventually babysit (not G & S's bundle of joy but another baby to be), and a button for a case that I am making for Krykit (the kindle). That was a blast to hang out and knit with my mama, I love doing fun things like this together with her, and being across the country limits these activities. We have to call each other and pretend :)

Later I went and got pedicures with my two besties, and followed that up with some shopping, dinner, and a drink before I was entirely too exhausted to keep my eyes open and went home. (after all my body is set 3 hours later right now!)

Saturday, I woke up, had coffee with my grandpa, a little tradition of ours, that before I moved was something that followed swinging our golf clubs, but sense I've been gone we just do the coffee when I come home. After that, I was home for a minute, then out again with bora bora. We had lunch, and then continued the previous days shopping.
Later I asked my mom and mr. J if we could hold game night. So we ordered some pizzas, got some snacks, and played games with the same few good friends and family that I came here to see.

Today, I have planned to go out to breakfast with my dad and sister, as well as some good family friends, then to go check out some new glasses with my sister, and later I have a surprise activity planned for mr. J and I.

Sorry this post is soo wordy, I haven't put all of the pictures on my computer yet, but will soon, and then you can see.
Hope your enjoying your weekend too!!

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Channon said...

Sounds like a great time! Keep enjoying it.