Monday, March 9, 2009

I spend too much time with munchkins

This Monday instead of focusing on the kids, I will show you the playful, silly side that has added to who I am because I spend too much time with them!

I try on hats everywhere I go! I love them, they can look silly, or overdone, or whatever. Here I am trying on ears... obviously to look silly. And not only do I do ridiculously childish things in public because of those kids, but I strongly encourage those around me to do them too:

Then when I am around food... I make whatever I'm eating into smiles... like orange smiles, or you can do the same with apples... if you have other fruit you could make a whole smiley face. Here I've made a mustache, and a smile...toast crust can be very versatile!

Happy Munchkin Monday!


Channon said...

I bet the kiddos adore you. At the very least, you're teaching them to be spontaneous, appreciate humor and not take themselves too seriously!

gaylen said...

We had so much fun playing with her food :) g