Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My weekends...

Lately they have been very uneventful!

I've been trying to be better about saving money, and so I have been having more and more weekends basically doing nothing. Which is ok, because a lot of my friends are in the same boat. So, my typical weekend consists of me hanging out by myself, or with just a few friends watching movies from our collections. But I think as a result of 'doing nothing' for so many weeks in a row (it's been like a month since the last adventure of any kind), we have all been getting a bit of cabin fever!
So this weekend, Dave and I went up to the outlet malls! My first thought was... oh geez! This is going to be a disaster for my budget! However, I showed remarkable restraint! I only bought two shirts and one dress... whereas Dave spent almost $300 on new clothes! I was very proud of myself, I got out of the house to do something fun, and I had a great time, we spent most of the day up there... and I only spent a grand total of $68 which is including my morning coffee, and going out for dinner! (although my starbucks was free! because the queen sent me a gift card!)

So anyway, that was my little adventure to tide me over for the next month or until my cabin fever returns.
The rest of the weekend we had movie night at Amber and Will's house with a group of us which was just the typical hang out. And then I helped my friend Justin move into his new place and get it set up a little.

...I know you are all just jealous of the adventurous life that I lead...

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gaylen said...

That sounds like a rather fun weekend - staying home, doing nothing, no responsibilities. Hey, I want your life :) g