Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extreme Home Make-over

:Sheila's Edition:

When I first got little Sheila, she live in a little hedgehog mansion. Which would not break down small enough to it into even my largest suitcase! So I had to buy her a new and not so exciting cage. And ever since I moved here I have been meaning to dress it up a little for her to give her some more room.. but of course that hasn't happened for the last 7 & 1/2 months.... I fail at being a good mother. :(
So her new cage was basically just a cube with a wheel, her litter pan, and food and water dishes all crammed onto the one level of the cage and then her tube and toasty tent snuggled in there too. Very Crampy! So the whole point of the renovation is to spread things out to give her more levels to run around and have more fun, and not to cramp her style :)

Here is what it was before...of course I took this photo after removing everything so her cage could be cleaned.. so you really can't see the crampy-ness of it.


And here is all of the wonderful new space she has acquired through our renovations!

So I as you can see, I added two shelves and some ramps to be able to elevate things, now she has a level for dining, and a level for exercising, and then the main level for her bed, tube, and litter. And it is great because she loves being snuggle in beneath the dining level for when she is sleeping!

And here she is when I first put her in... She's checking it all out! (and I know that in this photo it still looks cramped, but she as all of the room beneath the shelf, and then free space too! Plus she knocked the ramp down, and figured out how to climb up to the first shelf without it, so I took that out too, and now she really has a ton of space! It all worked out very well!

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Nichole said...

Very nice extreme home makeover for Sheila!