Monday, March 10, 2008

Munckin Play-date...

Nanny Play-date! :)

Two of my friends are also nannies in the area, and so sometimes we all get together, and the kids can play (which is of course just as much socialization for the nannies as it is for the kids). This time it was a visit to the aquarium! We have a membership to the local aquarium in Norwalk, and the kids love it. They show animals mostly from the Long Island sound so you can learn about what you're swimming with in the summer time I guess.. and they also have other animals that are just fun to learn about.
So Jocelyn watches a little boy and so does Ashlee. Little Dan was in heaven with boy time... and he was the oldest, so he felt even more cool! He was teaching the younger boys all about all of the creatures we came across. Just what they were called anyway, but considering that he is only 2 & 1/2 that is pretty good. His favorite exhibit is the shark tank! We counted 7 sharks today!

Here are some fun shark facts:
Fun Fact #1: Sharks can only swim forward, so if you are being chased by one, just dart to the side as quickly as possible and then swim fast, fast fast in the opposite direction...He'll have to turn around to come back and get you.
Fun Fact #2:If a shark stops swimming he/she will sink to the bottom.

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