Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Buds

On Monday nights I go over to the neighbors' house to watch their little guys. They have 3.. a little girl that is 1 1/2, and two boys who are 3 and 6. Usually I am only there for about 3 hours, and often I have to bring Little Dan and Little Ann with me. But it works out, because little Ann is best buds with the oldest neighbor boy, and little dan is the perfect age to play with both of the younger kids. Usually we just spend the time running around the racetrack, which is the circle that is made by the hallway from the entry, to the kitchen, then through the dining room, and living room, then back to the entry. A perfect place to do laps, and play tag! Not to mention that it wears them out without much effort.

Last week however, they had just purchased a new movie and all of the kids wanted to watch it so we popped popcorn, and vegged out for the show. All of the kids were hooked in, except little Dan.. he was much to excited by all the toys.I just thought that it was so cute how they were all laying together. There was no space between them, and they were in order of age, and all just happy as could be with the movie :) It was a good time for sure, and it is nice that they get along so well.. makes life a bit easier :)

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