Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So we got our puppy! (not the one I had originally shown) Her name is Caitlin, or Katie (which I don't understand...wouldn't the nickname start with the same letter--oh whatever, its not my dog)...she is 10 weeks old and as cute as a button!

But, despite the fact that I absolutely love dogs, I am sort of hating her. Which I feel really awful about! I'm not sure if I am purposefully detaching myself so that when I am done working and living here it will be easier, or maybe I really just don't like her. Ok, well I like her, but I feel stuck in my situation. When G & S were discussing getting a dog, they told me that I would not have to be responsible for it in any way shape or form. Well so far that is turning out to be a lie. Half the time she pees in the house is because I am off work, or in another room with little Dan, or out running errands, etc. Basically, if I am home, I am entertaining the littles and the dog, feeding the littles and the dog, and taking the littles and the dog to the bathroom and for diapers, and making sure that the littles and the dog have food (I do this for all of the household pets..they wouldn't eat without me).
Is it wrong of me to not want to deal with the responsibilities that go along with having a puppy? I just feel like we could have gotten a dog from the pound or a rescue organization, that was still young, but older; and already had some bladder control; and already knows not to bite the children; and is more calm; and that I could just be in charge of feeding, and playing with it if I wanted to, but wasn't the only one there to do so; and then they could walk it and do all that other stuff as a family.
I feel sort of selfish, but at the same time, this is not what I agreed to do, I feel like another baby has been thrown into my job, and now I have to care for it, which is fine, because like I said, I love dogs, but I feel like if they did have another baby (which they aren't...no worries) I would be getting paid more...but oh wow does that make me sound like a bitch!
Any thoughts on getting un-stuck from the training (or not wanting to train) the puppy situation?

But she is a cutie, and I will play with her either way!


~Tonia~ said...

She is darn cute, but you shouldn't have to take care of her if that is not what you all agreed on. I think you need to talk to them about it. Tell them that it is hard enough to take care of the kids, but trying to keep track of the pup and kids just isn't working and you were under the impression that it wasn't going to be your responsability to house break her.

I hope that you can come to an agreement with them. It isn't right that this was dropped in your lap.

Nichole said...

She's darn cute, but you're right... in the situation the family is in, ADOPTING a dog that would've been a tad older with bladder control and good around kids would've been the wise decision. Well, ADOPTION is a wise decision regardless, but don't get me started on that end, lol

As for what you're doing, I think you need to speak up now before it goes too far. If its not the agreement made, then things need to be changed before they get too far.

Blogfree Jessica said...

Oh boy, that SO does NOT make you sound like a bitch!! A puppy is as hard as a baby..and moves faster! And doesn't wear diapers! And has dagger teeth!! They are hard hard work, and I sincerely feel for you.
Geez, could that little frog pose be ANY cuter? What a little stink-bomb!!
If it's any consolation, just be glad they didn't get a Vizsla~! ;o)

gaylen said...

I hate to say it kiddo - but "I told you so." Talk to G - she's the reasonable one. Decide first what you want to do - take on responsibility for the dog and more money - or no dog. Mom

MJ said...

just lock the dog in their room while u go out. they'll get the message & clean up!! and as for "bitch" not this time, keep tryin'.

Nichole said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful doggy treats & toys you sent for my contest!!!! YOU ROCK!!! :)
Waiting to hear the outcome of the doggy situation.... ;-)