Monday, October 29, 2007

Catch up again...

A few weeks ago, Gwen and Scott went to Jamaica for their anniversary...and I was stuck here playing mommy...yuck! So I had the kids starting on Wed. at 5am...until Friday 5:30pm (supposed to be at 4pm) when their Aunt Rebecca came to pick them up for the weekend, and then Gwen and Scott would be home on Sun. night. Well .. It was tiring, to say the least! And if I have kids, if, then I will be a working mom with either a husband that stays home, or enough money to afford some good child care!

On Friday (two Friday's ago) when I was done with the kids, I relaxed for about an hour before getting ready to head down to Philadelphia to visit a friend. I proceeded to sit in traffic for 6 hours!!! was only supposed to take 3 hours! (this is what 6 hours of traffic, and very little sleep will do to you!) So when I finally arrived, I picked up Rachel and we went back to her dorm and slept...well we talked for a few hours first, and then we slept.

The next day we explored Philly by phoot (haha).. we went to this really cool market, which was like pike place (for those of you who have lived in or visited Seattle), we had breakfast there, and then continued on to see the sights (within walking distance of Penn.)
Later we had dinner at this great restaurant called Tria (standing for 3: beer, wine, and cheese) We split a grilled panini, and then had some wine and was delicious!! Then we went to a comedy show, put on by an all mens group at the college, it consisted of a bunch of little skits...most of which were funny, and then we followed that up with margarita's and a walk back to the dorms.

Sunday we slept through breakfast, and then had lunch at Rachel's work, before I set off home. It was really great to see her (it had been since New Years Eve!), we got a chance to catch up and we laughed way too much! It was a great visit!
On my drive home I was detoured around the Eagles stadium! Right at game time!! Which was neat! (Mr. Jay is a very big eagles fan, so this was exciting!) Unfortunately I had received a call from Gwen...their flight had been cancelled! So I had to be back to meed Aunt Rebecca and pick up the kids at 6...which then was pushed back to 7...Perfect, I got back just in time, however the kids were nowhere to be found...they eventually turned up at 8:15! How annoying!! I had to wait around for an hour and a half!!!!!! anyhow, so I had the kids for one more full day until G & S got home at 3am on Tues morn. What an exhausting week!

A gorgeous shot of the sun setting over the George Washington bridge on my drive to return to CT.

More to update tomorrow...and at some point we might be up to the present day... :()

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~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your friend.

Well at least you know that kids are a lot of work. ;)