Monday, November 5, 2007

Problem Solved!

So on Friday, I finally got up the nerve to talk to G about the puppy sitch. I asked her if we could talk about Katie, that she had become more of a responsibility to me than we had originally discussed. She said that she would talk to S and that we could come up with some sort of arrangement.

Later, she called me and told me that S would work on being with the dog more while he was home and that while he was away for work then I would be responsible for her. And they would pay me extra for my time. So we were decided...the dog is my new job, and I don't have to hate her anymore! Hooray!

So thank you to all of your helpful encouragement! I appreciate that you gals are here for me :)

And here is a lovely pic of our fall scenery :)


~Tonia~ said...

I am so glad that you could come to an arrangement. It wasn't right nor fair for them to add that extra responability to you without you getting something to compensate you for it.

Nichole said...

So glad you came to a good conclusion... now you can play with the cute puppy AND make more $! woo hoo!