Monday, October 8, 2007

Pictures! Hooray!

I love looking at photos! And from the past 2 weekends of eventful fun I have taken something like 183 pics! So I am just selecting a sampling of them to post. The first set are of Laura and I on our road trip up to Boston, and then through RI!

The next set are from going up to NH with Jon, Leah, Dave, Amber, and Will. Amber and Will have a cabin up in Hill, NH (smallest town ever, good luck locating it on a map!). The weekend was a blast. We mostly hung out around the gigantic bonfire in the evenings. Saturday we went and bought fireworks and had quite the display that night! We also went to a hike to a beautiful waterfall!
Then we bathed in the ridiculously cold river!! Jon and I had fun doing sparklers!

We went off-roading...which was a blast! And the scenery was gorgeous! The leaves have started to change for autumn, (my favorite season!!) And so I couldn't resist a few photos of natures beauties!

All in all the first couple of weeks of October have been a blast! Good times shared with friends, and I am loving New England!

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~Tonia~ said...

Looks like you have had some great fun.