Friday, October 5, 2007 catch up!

Things I have accomplished this week: I did laundry...I have successfully shown up to work everyday (aka..walked downstairs)..I have gone out with my friends toooooo much!!

Things I need to get done: I need to put away my laundry, pack for a weekend in New Hampshire (by 1:45 today!), I need to clean sheila's cage, I need to get back on track with my 'healthier way of life' (I refuse to be on a diet!), I would like to work on my scarf and get some card making done..maybe I'll bring my scarf this weekend and work on it in the car (not around the fire though it will permanently smell like smoke! And I know that there is more, but I can't think of it right now...oh I some pictures for you all and send them to laura!

I think that this crazy need to always overload yourself runs in the family! Don't get me wrong, I am completely content having too much fun all of the time...but I just have this prick in the back of my brain saying...'don't eat that' 'you should be working on crafts right now' '...'

anyhow, I'm going to NH this weekend with some friends so I will try to update on monday with pictures of this past weekend, as well as pictures from NH. Have a good weekend!


Nichole said...

Where r u going in NH? Are you camping? Have fun! :) Don't know if you've left already, but check out

Varan said...

Seriously, if you have a prick in the back of your brain you should be seeing both a neurologist and a urologist.

~Tonia~ said...

Well I guess it is better to have too much to do than nothing at all. :)