Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanks is Due

It has been over a week sense I have blogged... and there is good reason- My internet is connected through a data stick that plugs into the usb port in my laptop. Well being myself, I left it plugged into my computer on my ottoman, and one morning when Charlie decided 3am was an ok time to wake up, and I decided it was a great time to keep sleeping (I think I was in the right on this one) anyhow, he got my data stick out of my computer, and used it as a chew toy... it turned into little bits of plastic... thank goodness for having insurance on these things!

So anyhow, onto giving that thanks! As you may have seen on Chan's blog, she whipped up a sweater for Mr. Charlie! And he and I both love it! SO thank you very much! In the box with the sweater, was my pizza kit that I won in her October birthday contest! It is way cool, there is a pizza stone that handles molded into it, a dough kit, and an awesome pizza cutter! I can't wait to use it.. I do love my pizza :)


gaylen said...

Would you tell your dog he's not a supermodel - no matter how freakin' adorable he looks in that sweater?

Love the sweater - Chan sweated bullets over whether it would fit and you would like it. I hope you sent a "proper thank you" as well :) Your momma!

Channon said...

Pfst. What is better thanks than charming Charlie sporting his sweater?!

I'm sending the book box your way today too, so be on the look-out at your package location!