Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm So Behind!

On Blogging that is. I have been very busy with holiday knitting, as well as the traditional holiday things, such as decorating, and getting prezzies ready to be mailed out.

So Now I have to tell you that last week I wasn't able to tell you about Sheila's 3rd Birthday! She is a very healthy girl, and happy to boot! And I am so happy that she has made it to her birthday this year. (there was a moment a few months ago I was horrified that we wouldn't be able to celebrate.) I had a big celebration for her! I thought she shouldn't have three blueberries in one night, blueberries are her treats. So instead of three in one night, I gave her one each night for three nights. And she ate them all! :)

My girl is a very happy hedgie, and I am a very happy lady to have her around! We sure enjoyed being able to celebrate her birthday.. Charlie thought it was very cool too! (He got a peak at what birthdays look like for the pets in my house!)

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Channon said...

LOVE the photo of the two of them. Happy birthday, Sheila!