Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Thanks

So, A long long time ago, in a faraway land I signed up for a pay it forward on my mom's blog.. however, nobody signed up for mine... so do I just not send any hand made items? I guess if anyone wants to they can respond to this post and the first three commenters will be gifted within the next year.
Anyhow, this is the gift that I received in the mail last week!

It is a beautiful shawlett in this awesome greenish yellow color, and it can be worn in 2 ways,(traditionally, wrapped around the shoulders; and scrunched up around my neck in the front, which is way cute with this shorter length shawl) and I love love love it!

Thanks Momma :)


Channon said...

How very pretty!! I'm finding that with my shorter hair, I need a scarf around my neck very often, even inside.

gaylen said...

See I knew she was cool enough to wear it! You're welcome. :) g