Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs...

Today is my best friend Heather's birthday, and she is recently a Mrs. In fact last month I went home to celebrate with her at the reception. (The wedding was in Hawaii, and although I was invited and would have love to have gone, I couldn't go.)

I wish I had a picture to show you from the event, but of course my camera battery died earlier that day at Mr. Jay's surprise party.. darn!

Heather, it is your day today, and you deserve the best. You have done so much with every aspect of your life. I am so glad to have known you for the past 15 years!

I love you, Happy Birthday!


Channon said...

What beautiful photos! I'm sorry you couldn't go to Hawaii, and I hope she has a great birthday!

gaylen said...

that's a great photo of the girls on the beach. We did a drive by of their house last night to see the lights - very purdy! g