Friday, December 18, 2009

A Few Finished Objects

For Christmas I decided to make hats for the families that I babysit for. They are easy enough, but they are still personal enough to be a good gift. So I did one style for the girls, and one style for the boys.. all of the hats that have the same main color, but have different color bands in them so everyone has a different color. Here are the hats for the first family:

Here are the boy's hats:

And Here are the girl's hats:

I think they all came out pretty well! And I will be excited to see if they like them when I deliver them this weekend!
Happy Knitting :)


Nichole said...

They look great!

gaylen said...

They are turning out fabulous! Aren't you glad you dropped needle sizes?

Yea for hand-knit gifties. g

Channon said...

Love 'em! What a sweet idea. You've evolved into a knitting machine like your mother.