Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, I have been instructed, by my mother dearest, to update my blog, and my Ravelry!

So this morning I updated my Ravelry, and now I will update my blog...
I have completed a lot of projects sense I last updated the Rav. And now that it is after Christmas, I have added all of the pressies that I had sense cast on and then cast off.

The list is as follows: Mom's Shawl. Pattern: Luna Moth Shawl. Yarn: Saphire from Road to China Light. It turned out pretty well for my first real lace project, and I even think she likes it, I have been stressing about whether or not she would sense I got the yarn. Which was ordered from Clementine's Dry Goods.

Jessica's Mitts. Pattern: His and Hers cabled hat and gloves by Lynn Wilson Designs. Yarn: Indigo by Thaki Torino Chunky. These also turned out well, silly me didn't even take a picture of them, but I'm sure the sis will send me a picture soon so y'all can see them. I loved the cables in these, and have sense been wanting to do more cables.

Anderson Family hats. You've seen.

Also Laura's Sweater, cropped cardigan thing. Pattern: A combo of patterns that I combined different elements from. Yarn: Lang Silk Dream in dusty pink. The outcome is that she got it for Christmas, and it was too large, so she is sending it back, and I am sending her her alternate gift, re-knitting it to hopefully fit and be done by her birthday in July... plenty of time!

And now I am working on finishing the last of the hats for the W family. I have completed 3 of 4 and will post more on them when I have finished.

There, everyone is up to date!


gaylen said...

Oh I absolutely love it! I'm not sure I'm cool enough to wear it - but I did wear it to the grocery store over the weekend - soft and warm :) g

Channon said...

Pfst. Your mother is quite silly with all this "not cool enough" nonsense. She said that about a shawlette she knitted too...

You are quite the accomplished knitter! That shawl is incredible.