Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workin on the Tulip Lace Shrug

This shrug is supposed to be a one skein shrug, however it is also a one-size fits all design. I'm sure as you all know, "one-size fits all" really means one size fits none (not properly anyway), and when you have the ability to make a better fit (or a fit at all) why wouldn't you.

So I once I had added all the stitches required for the increases, I counted to the middle of the sleeves, and then a quarter of the way towards the center from the raglan lines in the back. All together I placed 4 additional stitch markers, and sense each increase row adds an additional 2 stitches per section (arms, and back), I wanted to just add an additional 2 stitches per section around for an entire pattern set. So there is a little flare in the side of the sleeves, and reverse darts near the shoulders in the back. which added just enough that I didn't have to make the shrug too long to make it big enough across the back and fro the armholes.

However, adding these extra stitches, makes it a 1+ skein shrug. So I decided to add a different color to the tulip lace border around the edge of the sleeves and the bottom of the shrug. What do you think? It is almost finished and should arrive with the birthday girl in time for her birthday :)

(can you see the tulips in the lace?)

Happy Knitting!


Channon said...

THAT is beautiful! I'm really impressed. Look at you modifying patterns and all!

LauraMarie said...

I still approve of the colors!