Monday, June 29, 2009

Obstacle Course!!

So sense we have a new baby in the house, I have been trying to keep the older two out of the house as much as possible.. with all of our wonderful June weather (rainy one moment sunny the next, and then rainy again all day long) it has been difficult. But one afternoon, while we were enjoying a lovely spurt of sunshine, I set up an obstacle course, and the kids rode their trikes and scooters up and down it all day long (even when it started to rain a bit!).
This is the last week before we head to Block Island for 2 weeks.. We have a few play dates scheduled, and I think we'll go to the aquarium one day, and then just hang at the house, and play with sidewalk chalk or go for a bike ride or something on the other days. It should be fun, and then we'll be off to Block Island before we know it! I guess I should go start the kids laundry so they have something to bring with us... and on that note, I should probably do my own laundry too!!

Happy Monday!


Channon said...

I'll be doing laundry tonight too. Still have plenty of clothes, but we're almost out of towels...

LauraMarie said...

Can you hurry up and get block island over with so we can go on our adventure?! I miss you!!!!