Friday, June 19, 2009

I finished it!

At the shower as a matter of fact.

Here is the finished item as it was handed to the mommy-to-be:

I think it will look darling on the sweet little baby. It is a 3-6 month size, and made from another pattern from Essential Baby Knits. I'm not sure how my seem looks, a non knitter wouldn't know the difference... or care probably, but I think it looks wrong. I've never done a seem in anything before, so I suppose its not bad, but I think I could use some practice.

In any case, it is done, and barely off the needles when it was handed to the recipient. She loved it, and thought it was great that I made half of it right in front of her.

Another successful hand-knit item completed and delivered ... oh and speaking of delivered hand-knits... if you didn't see, over on the queen's blog, I finished Jessica's quarter of a century old birthday present.

It turned out quite lovely... I took this picture of me wearing it, just in case she didn't take any, but there are some over on my mom's birthday post for her. I guess she liked it... therefore, another successful hand knit item delivered :)

Happy knitting!


Channon said...

I can't seam worth a hoot, so it looks fine to me. I convert all hat patterns to circs so there is no need to seam...

The shrug is lovely. You're a very nice sister!

gaylen said...

You look skinny and your hair is short! g

Nichole said...

Looks great!