Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A new project in progress:

I started this one yesterday, realizing that the person whom it is being made for should be receiving it soon, and I hadn't even cast it on yet!

These pictures may not be the best but here are the details: It's a pattern from Valley Yarns that I was included in my goodie bad from webs. It is #245 One Skein Shrug and I am making it with thier wool in a charcoal gray color (which was also in the goodies).

Around the collar, the front edges, and the bottom there is tulip lace. I've never done lace but it is pretty simple.. just following the instructions and I can actually see tulips in the border! It is a shrug so I have a lot more to go, but its off to a great start, and hopefully I will have better picturessoon.

Happy Knitting :)


Ani said...

What? you're making this for me?

Channon said...

Lovely! You are becoming quite the accomplished knitter!

gaylen said...

Hmm, the goose never stopped by to be cooked last night. I hope the tulips fit. g

Nichole said...