Friday, June 26, 2009

The Newest Little

Baby little has arrived, and she was so tiny. With all the bed rest that G was on, she made it to 38 weeks. Miss OKP arrived this past Thursday (6.18.2009) at 4:50AM... They barely made it to the hospital... she came out five minutes after getting to the labor and delivery wing. She is the smallest thing that I have ever seen, and I hope that she receives all the love and care she deserves for a wonderful childhood.

Here is a pic of the new family:

Little Ann is loving having a new baby sisiter, but Little Dan on the other hand isn't so sure.... he is excited to be a big brother, but mostly just because it sounds cool. He hasn't even touched the baby yet, but he will sit by her and read stories together. She likes it when Little Ann and I read... when we stop it wakes her up.. it is very cute :)

Here is one of Miss OKP and myself:

I like it because, even though you can tell that I had been awake for about 18 hours at that point on only 4 hours of sleep, it looks like we are smiling at each other. So sweet!

Welcome to the world Little Baby! We are happy to have you :)
(and even happier to be moving out of the house in a month, and to not hear all the chaos of three Littles well into the night..even though I love you all)

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Channon said...

Sweet photos. I'm glad she arrived safely - and after her mom got to the hospital!!