Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The last baby thing

well at least until August. I'm telling ya... its a baby epidemic over here!

One of my friends here is from Jamaica, and her sister (who still lives there) is expecting a baby girl. She came here to have the baby, so that she would be with family, and under the supervision of better doctors. And my friend threw her a baby shower... in which she so pleasantly suggested that I "whip up something cute with my knitting." Uh, yea... I'll get right on that, and so as soon as I finished the birthday shrug, I cast on this cute pink and white striped cotton hat. (You can't make wool baby stuff for a baby that is going to be living in Jamaica!)

Here's how it started:

It is made out of Purelife by Rowan, and is an organic cotton. Very nice to work with. It was sent to me from Cami of Clementine's Dry Goods, with the yarn for my Dad's Wife's sweater.
She sent it along with a pamphlet on the yarn, that included a cute little pattern for "Eco Eric" there cute little organic cotton yarn guy. Anywho good yarn, and the pink and white stripes are perfect for a baby girl :)

Happy Knitting!

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Channon said...

Love the colors!!