Saturday, December 6, 2008


So I decided to do some updates on my blog for the holiday season! Check them out! I added a picture of sweet little white holiday lights on the header, then I updated my avitar to be me waiting in line to see Santa, in an adorable Christmas dress! I love Santa, and actually went to see him the week that I was home for was fabulous! I love love love Santa!
Other than the holiday changes I made some other small edits....including puting my tags up so its easier to find things on my page, taking some of my side pictures down, and updated the list of blogs I read.

In other news... I got more packages!!! Yay!
One was just my new contacts from my sister's optical shoppe in Seattle. I had ordered them while I was home but they had to order them and ship them, I am surprised they arived so fast.. and I love them they are way comfy :)
One more package I received, or more of a medium sized manilla envelope really, was from my mama. She sent me our 2 favorite Christmas CD's! I love Christmas! Its soo cheery! And if you need help getting into the holiday spirit, then go out and get yourself Garth Brooks' Christmas CD and Gloria Estevan's too... they are both magical for the season!
I feel so loved :)

Alright... back to finishing my final essay for classes, and then I just have one two more final exams and Fall Quarter will be complete--I can't wait!

Happy Holidays


veedogknitter said...

Haven't heard the Garth Brooks Xmas cd, but the George Strait one, and the Randy Travis ones are great. Super old, but still great. As is the Amy Grant one.

gaylen said...

Can we have a Munchkin Monday? I'll call you later to let you know about Boo! g