Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is...

Well out of all of the millions of options that I have in my stash... The munchkins chose:

The one on the left is little Ann's pick, she loves that it looks like someone swirled chocolate with her faborite color! lol so cute :) Little Dan said he liked the one on the right. His favorite colors are orange and red, and he asked me how come I didn't have any red ones he could like. I seriously adore these guys. :)

For the record, I do have a red, and I was going to add in some blue stripes to be a sort of opposite of S's scarf, but we'll see, I may go with the orange. As for Little Ann, I'm most likely going to try to whip her up a simple little scarf out of the chocolate swirled with blue that she so thoroughly enjoys.

Sense we are discussing favorites, here are my favorites:

The first two are ones that I bought with no specific intentions, except that I wanted to do something for me with them so of course they got tossed straight into my yarn basket to be forgotten about while I knit other things to give away. The third one is one that Jess, from VeeDog Knits gave me last spring, and because I liked it so much, it became part of the stash as well...someday I'll actually knit something for myself :)

Happy Knitting

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gaylen said...

Why so blurry? I think you should do that drop stitch scarf for Little Ann. I love Little Dan - why don't you have a red that I like? g