Friday, December 5, 2008

I gotta Package...

I gotta package! I gotta package hey hey hey hey!!

And what cute packaging with the tissue too!

And it was from my Fall coffee and yarn swap pal....Megan! Look at all of the wonderful things that she sent my way:
Here is the wonderful coffee stuff:

The first picture of a coffee cup which is that adorable one at starbucks that has the impression of a cable knit on it... I love love love it!
The second is of all the wonderful coffee she sent! Including two bags of Asplund whole bean is the Northshore blend (on the bag it says it is a "complex, intense, full body" coffee..sorta sounds like and then the other is a bag of WI Wake up blend (a "bright, fruity, medium body") they both sound absolutely scrumptious! And the third bag of coffee is from Dunkin Donuts... this one was my moms idea because for whatever reason I am terrified of trying it, she thought that it would be funny to have my swap pal send me a bag. Haha mom! (Although after reading the bag, and smelling it a little, I suppose I iwll have to give it a try....after I finish the other 2!)

Here is all of the fun yarn stuff I received:

The first 2 pictures are of my favorite part of the package: Megan made me a cute little needle holder with three sets of new needles in it! But look at the amazing little coffe cup detail with leaves stitched inside..don't you love it! I do :) The last picture is of 6 thats right, count'em 6 skeins of yarn! All of beautiful colors and really soft and luxurious! Can't wait to get creative with all of this :D
The other 2 things that she sent that I didn't mention above were some maple lollipops which I have one pictured in the mug above, and then a box of french vanilla splenda coffee flavoring for my coffee.. which I've been using all week in my coffee and loving it!
What a great package! I love it all, thank you soo much Megan! I hope you recieve a wonderful package as well :)

Ok all of the animals in our zoo are going crazy so I have to go fix them!

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gaylen said...

Oh that is a fantastic package! I love that needle holder too! g