Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trading in something 'ancient'

So when is it the right time to trade in your computer? Supposedly after 6 months your computer is old, and after 2 years, it is just ancient... at least acording to the great folks down at the Geek squad that keep having to help me.

As you all know, my computer died over the summer while we were in Block Island, but then I got it back, after they only had to repair a few keys. I have further had to take it a few months after that to try and figure out how to get some software on it for my new camera, and they just showed me what to do. But last Tuesday night, right in the middle of finals, my computer decides to die again!
I tried to turn it on, and it started beeping like I fire alarm, and wouldn't even turn on. After pressing the power button to try turning it on and off 5 times, I decided it was the same thing that had happend before, and I needed them to fix it pronto! Don't they know, I have school to finish this quarter, and all of my teachers are real sticklers for late work, they don't accept any of it, let alone any kind of excuses... which is fine, as long as I didn't have to try and provide some sort of aliby for my computer and my lack of signing into my online classes to complete them all.
So after thouroughly explaining the urgency of needing my broken computer to work, the Geek squad guy, said he would take a look at it and we would go from there. Of course the first time he turns it on, it works! How rude! But he tried it again a few times and It was all fire alarm sounding!

Typically with the warranty coverage that I had on my computer, once you have the same problem occur three times they will stop trying to fix it and just give you an updated computer of comperable value. This was only my second time with this issue. But I guess they felt badly that I was in the middle of finals, and clearly freaking out! So they worked some magic, and had me pick out a new computer. Sort of exciting, but also very nerve-racking.... I really liked my 'ancient' computer. But I suppose newer is always better, and I don't want this problem to continue happening. I found something that after using it for a week, I really love it too. And its shiney and new! Even better.

The new fellow is a Toshiba something or other with 3GB of memory and a 250GB hard-drive....needless to say besides looking shnazzy this thing is fast!

So I guess the moral of the story is, make sure you always have a warranty on your electronics, make sure you wear something cute when you take them into get fixed, and stress the reasons why you absolutely must not leave without your working computer that day! Luckily it worked for me :D And now my finals are all done.

I'm free from school until January 5th :)

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