Thursday, December 18, 2008

Curious Dogs

Silly Katie, sniffing out my knitting! She was attempting to find something tasty in there! Luckily I caught her and of course took her picture (really all that was to lose was S's scarf *snicker, snicker*). No she didn't eat it.

OH and speaking of knitting mish-haps, this wasn't due to the pups, but look at that bent needle! I accidentally shut it in the door! Oops. Then I tried to straighten it out, and caused tiny dents that would inevitably snag my knitting! Don't worry, I went and purchased some new wooden ones, and I kept the straight metal needle so that if Katie gets too curious next time, and one needle dies, I will at least still have two opperable needles.

And here is a darling picture of miss Zahra, finding her favorite seat in the house: Little Ann's lap! So sweet!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


gaylen said...

She doesn't fit so well on Little Ann's lap - sweet photo though. Love your knitting bag ;-} g

Anonymous said...

Big dog + Little girl = Cute picture

Serendipity said...

LOL! She sure knows where the best seat is!