Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a ride!

Or 8 different rides! When Laura was here we went to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania for a day after going to DC. It was fun! On our way we stopped at the Ace of Cakes Bakery (which is only open by appointment because they are so popular) and we took some pictures, like geeky touristy girls :)

Then we preceded into PA and the Hershey Chocolate Factory. We went on the chocolate tour, and did you know that Chocolate is actually originally a fruit? Does that mean I can have 5 servings a day and tell everyone that I'm being uber healthy? :)

Anyhow, we then ventured over to Hershey Park, and all of the roller coasters. We were able to ride on 8 of them before the park closed... and they were all insane! Insanely amazing and fun that is!! What a great thing to spend your day doing! Flying round on rollercoasters that make you feel like your going to pee your pants, only to get off and say, "can we go again?!" Needless to say, it was a blast! :D
Here are some pictures:

(I was too cheap to buy the pictures that they sell, so I just snapped a few of the screens that you preview them on....is that even aloud?)


gaylen said...

I'm pretty sure you are trying to kill me right now. Know you're busy with school - obviously not taking a grammar class?

Looks like you girls had fun but what's with L's stretched neck? g

Veedogknitter said...

Cute pics, LOVE the second one from the top...you look like your mama in that one, i love it when she smiles big like that!
i cannot WAIT to go to hershey and ride roller coasters all day long til i puke! Wanna go again next spring???

Penny said...

Boy would I love to go on a tour of the Hershey factory. HMMM HMMM