Friday, November 28, 2008

Visiting my lovely home!

Today I got up at the crack of dawn after having a very restless night, just so that I could be driven an hour to the airport, taxi around the airport for an hour, and then fly for 6 hours all to get back to the wonderful Pacific Northwest to visit my family and friends. Which for the record is why I have gone back to my lack of updates for the week. I have been getting things ready and trying to get ahead on my schoolwork, so I can enjoy a few days or even hours without having to worry about it.
My CT bff, Sami, dropped me off at the airport, as she has many of the times that I have traveled home, and she mentioned that I always get excited but for some reason, I seemed more excited than normal this time around. I have no explanation for this, maybe its just like they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and 3000 miles is just the right amount to make your heart practically burst with longing for home. So excited I am!
The last time that I came home was in the middle of August. I was able to spend ample amounts of time with my family, which was great, and I got in some quality time with my WA bffs too. One of the days that I was home, my dad and I hung out in downtown Seattle, because I wanted to do the tourist thing. Its funny how you can live somewhere all your life, and not see the sites in your own backyard. So we went and we saw them. In pike place market, we watched and waited to see if they would do their famous fish tossing but they weren’t, so I finally marched up and asked them to do it. The man replied, “sure, and you can help! Roll up those pretty little pink sleeves, and step behind the counter there, we’ll show you how its done!” My natural response was confusion, followed immediately by excitement, “Um…..what? I can do that?! Really?! OK!!” Then nervous! What if I dropped the fish? And ugh! Was I going to smell like raw fish for the rest of the day? I was about to find out!

They showed me how to position myself and my hands, and then I hollered out for the guy on the other side to toss away.

I caught it! Wooo! Then he told me I had to hold it up and try to sell it…oh man!

Well I didn’t have to sell it, and it was the highlight of my day! How many people can say they actually got to participate in the Pike Place Market Fish Tossing Extravaganza? Ooh Ohh, me! I can!! J lol

Hopefully I will enjoy many more memories with this trip, I will be here for 9 days total (just long enough to throw off my time zones), and we will be having a wonderful thanksgiving as well as some other fun family events I’m sure!
P.S. I waited a week ot post this so that I could add pics and still can't get them to work, so you all will just have to wait!


Channon said...

Give your mom a squeeze for me, and love up on the houndies too!

veedogknitter said...

Ohhh, i am envious that you got to throw the fish! What a great post, it is hard being 3000 miles away from the lovely PNW, isn't it? Oh, i miss it so much it actually HURTS! It is fun to go back and do the touristy thing, isn't it? Just to be home and absorb the city a little bit, good for the soul. And did you get some Ivars, and feed the seagulls?