Friday, November 7, 2008

Costumes...for the dogs and the kids!

Ok... Here is a group picture of the littles and the neighbors all on the front step in their costumes:

From left to right we have a princess, a mid evil princess, a star-wars character, an airplane and spider man. They all looked pretty cute, and went trick-or-treating together with their rents while I handed out the candy at the door.
When they returned, I went out to get Sami, and then to our favorite bar/restaurant for a Halloween bash. I was a ladybug, and Sami was a Jack-o-lantern. We looked pretty good if I do say so myself! And I won 6th place in the costume contest of about 40 or so people. Not too Shabby :)

(and don't worry, I had little boy short things on under that minuscule skirt so that nothing would show!)

And here is Zahra and her fresh fun new jacket! I think the color of it goes very well with her fur :)

So that is it for the costumes at our house! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween last weekend, and had plenty of wonderful costumes of your own!

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gaylen said...

I like Z's coat. Little Dan's costume is adorable! Little Ann is pretty darn cute too. Good thing she didn't get the tr*mpy costume. g