Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SWAP week 4

Weekly Topic:Check out the blogs of some of the other participants, and find someone you have something in common with - post a little on your blog about the common interests or loves you both share and tell us about them! Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog saying hello!
Sarah G with her blog "knitting keeps me sane" (very cute name) uses a french press like me and loves a good bold robust coffee in the morning so she can taste the kinda coffee!
Mary from knitting in Red Shoes
loves her coffee in a big ol'mug just like me! She is also one for those dark bold roasts that really wake you up in the morning :) And what's not to love about these so called red shoes! I love shoes :D
Lea has an amazing coffee pot that she uses that is just too darn cute not to share!
I love reading everyone elses is really fun! (Although I have yet to do anything else at all today! ugh) Off to start my day and get through some laundry and some schoolwork! :/
Go check out the Autumn Swap for more :)

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