Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go Get A Job!!!

So over the weekend In NYC I was pick-pocketed! which is very startling considering that when it happened, I was walking with my purse zipped and over my shoulder...but I guess that the zipper was facing the back, and I was in a crowd of people, and it happened so quickly, I didn't even know that it had happened until someone told me they saw someone take something from my bag...which is another frustration..if you saw it happen why not say something to stop it! Anyhow I just don't understand what the point of stealing something from someone else is...Why not just go and get your own job, instead of taking the money that I worked so hard to earn for myself! Ugh!!!! But anyhow, they only got $50 in cash, and then they made a $24 charge on each card that was in the wallet. G already had the charges reversed on hers, and mine are all pending still, but easily enough the problem can be resolved...it is just a hastle to have to deal with it.

Anyhow, When this all happened I was in NYC visiting a friend of mine who was out from Seattle visiting his sister with his family for thanksgiving. So I had a fun day with Matt. We went out to lunch with his fam, and then wandered around some department stores, before heading to China town. I bought a new dress to wear that night to dinner, and then I bought a black pashmina to wear in this oh so cold weather! [insert pick-pocket rant here] and then after that whole ordeal, we caught a cab back up to Times Square to meet back up with Matt's family and to get ready to go out to dinner. We went to this amazing steak house called Del Fresco's And I had the best meal of my entire life! It was 5 courses! Oh I could go on about it for hours!! I love food, especially the worlds most delicious steak and seafood! But anyhow I just say that it was amazing, and leave it at that..

Then since I didn't have my ID, we couldn't go out, and I didn't have my return train ticket to get home, so we went back to the family's hotel room (one of those 2 bedroom suites) and Matt and I watched a live free or die hard and crashed there. We were at the W Hotel in Times Square...Also quite amazing! With a fantastic view, and it was very modern and chic!

All in all not a bad day! It'll just be a few days to clear everything up and get things re-issued and whatever...but I still love New York! :)

OH, and P.S. I will post pics as soon as I can, my camera is currently hating me, and I need to take it to someone who knows a little bit more than me, the not so techy princess that I am...lol!


CynicalGal said...

Sounds like a big weekend! I would LOVE to stay at a W Hotel sometime...looking forward to your pics.

Nichole said...

Them bastards!!! UGH. Next time you go in to the city, maybe try investing in one of the Vera Wang hipster style bags... goes over your shoulder and hangs in the front (but being Vera and all, you don't get that super dorky "I'm a tourist" look)!

~Tonia~ said...

That really sucks!! I have heard that you should keep your money and such in your front pants pocket. So how did you get back?

Sounds like a good time with your friend though.