Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!

Happy four-legged thursday!

I am pleased to let you all know, that Katie has started her puppy classes! And with much dillegence she is actually learning and doing better! It becomes a little difficult to teach her when sh takes something of the littles, with all their yelling at her and screaming it gets quite confusing!
'Little Dan, stop yelling at Katie, Katie drop it, little Dan, let go of the toy!, Katie let go of the toy!' 'aaaahhhh, Katie has my toy! Its mine! bad Katie, BAD Katie!'
You get the idea! It has been pretty crazy around here lately! But it was worse in the beginning, so I do have hope for easier days to come! :) There are the good moments too, when the littles just love on Katie, and she rolls over, and allows the attention, and we all play together like one big happy dog-lovin' family! So, there is definitely a bright side!...The side that sounds more like 'aw, what a good girl Katie! Your just so cute...we love you little puppers! Good girl!'

Who knew you could be a nanny of the two-legged and the four-legged kids! But its all good!


~Tonia~ said...

Puppies and kids are so cute together, but man are they a handfull. Hopefully the training will sink in and you will have more days of the loving non yelling kind.

Nichole said...

Yeah for Katie!!! Progress straight ahead!
Don't forget to go over to the Dogs on Thursday blog and link your blog to today's entry! :-)

Donna said...

Welcome...What kind of dog is Katie. Things will get better as she grows up and matures...When Oliver(Golden Retreiver) did something bad I would say to everyone..."Gotta Love Him..He's the baby"!

gaylen said...

Update your blog!!! Where's the Munchin' Monday post? How about the shout out to Blogfree Jessica? I Love Tuesdays? we like seeing your new produce ~ how fresh and vibrant it looks. Snippettes of holiday knitting close-ups so nobody can figure out what the gift is or who it's for. Come on. How am I really suppose to know what you are up to? Mom :p}