Thursday, November 8, 2007

Filled with Fun!

This past Sunday, I spent the day with my newest friend, Carly, and a group of her guy friends. We went quading (quads, ATVs, whatev), and it was a blast! At first they were all going really slow with us and being careful, which was good bc neither of us had ever gone before. About halfway way through the day, we were all taking a break, and then Carly asked Al if he would teach us how to drive them, and let us go around on our own. It was soooo much fun it was ridiculous! We were just driving around in this field, but it was so fun!!! Then we were all going to go again, and so I was going with this guy Dave (the crazy one)(not really just one of those boys with their toys things) he decided that I needed some mud on me so that it would look like I had actually been out there with we wound up looking like this! (this isn't us, I just didn't want to bring my camera out there bc I didn't want to lose it so I found this pic) We were doing wheelies, and driving through gigantic puddles, and going off of jumps (small ones, bc that is all I would allow), but then we were going through the trails and all the bumps and curves, bc they make actual trails for this stuff! But it was soo fun! And so we will go again and again! Woo-Hoo!

Thank goodness for showers and washing machines! :)


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like you had a good time. They are so much fun. We have one and James loves to ride with us (slowly of course).

Nichole said...

Love all your fun pics on the side... I've seen that shoe pic on someone's My Space and loved it!