Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sailing, Sailing

Right before I left for the Hamptons, Patrick and I decided to spend the entire day, just relaxing and hanging out.

We had tickets for a sailboat cruise out of New Haven and we scheduled to be on the brunch cruise that day. It was a gorgeous day to set sail, the sun was shining, and the breeze was perfect. The tickets said that it was a 2 hour cruise, but we were all on the boat for about 2 hours and 45 minutes, and not a single person was upset about the added time. It was amazing to be on a large sailboat (it was 100' in length including the beams that extend to support the sails). It was beautiful with all four of the sails up and just enjoying the brunch and the company of the other people on the boat.

I even got some knitting done!

Someday I will learn how to sail and save for a tiny boat (that's all I'll be able to afford) but it really only needs to hold 2 people. I find being out on the water so relaxing and peaceful. I love it!

After our sail that day, we went to the beach and relaxed for a while, and then made our way back to my place so I could pack. We ordered take-out from a local Mexican place (one of my favorite types of cuisine), and streamed some movies on netflix.

All in all it was the perfect low key day spent with Patrick. It was great to get to spend the whole day together in our busy schedules just hanging out before I left. I am leaving Sag Harbor tomorrow and hopping on another boat (the ferry) to cross the sound and have some downtime for the weekend! I cannot wait! It is much needed. It is so beautiful here, and I do enjoy the opportunity to be here in this gorgeous place. But there is nothing like an entire day off or sleeping in your own bed!

Anyone have any fabulous plans for the weekend?


gMarie said...

Sounds like a lovely day! And look at you knitting on the boat! g

SissySees said...

What fun! Enjoy your weekend.