Friday, August 26, 2011

Practically finished!

The following items are DONE! Hooray! Well except for the fact that they both need their ends woven in, and to be blocked.. minor finishing details aside, they are done!

The first is The Queen's Christmas scarf. This was the gift for this past xmas, not this coming one... But we did Christmas in February, if you remember, so I'm really only 6 months late, not 2/3 of the year.

Anyhow so the yarn is Alpaca, and I don't have any more information with me on it. I used size 6 crystal palace straight needles. and one ball of each of the three colors... Which I am sure would be more useful to know if I knew what the yarn was (I'll update my Ravelry page when I know). It is a Lynn Wilsons Design, Slip Stitch Sampler Scarf Pattern, which is not on rav. It was a fairly simple pattern, once I got the hang of it. You knit one half, and then knit the second half exactly the same and do a three needle bind off. I ended up adding a ton of extra rows, and switching the color orders around in the end to ensure that the scarf would be long enough. I love how it turned out, despite the frustration of it taking forever, I think I just got annoyed that I had to do the same thing all over again to make the second piece, and I lost interest. Hopefully it will enjoy it, and get use out of it.

The second thing that is almost finished, is Stella! She is a beaut! I cannot wait until she is blocked and ready to wear! I just hope she will block out a little longer.. she is the perfect width, but a little extra length would go a long way, so we'll see. She was knit in the Stacy Charles Stella yarn on size 6 Crystal Palace circulars. The pattern was a freebee from Ravelry call the "Diamond Lace Rib Bolero" and I quite like how it worked up. I first worked on this last summer in the Hampton's, so it only seemed appropriate to bring it this year, and finish it here.

So excited that these are both ready for blocking! I can't wait to get them home to start the stretching!

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SissySees said...

Look at you! You're turning into quite the prolific knitter, just like your mom.

Be safe this weekend - or whenever Irene is supposed to be up that way.