Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eatin' Good: Around Town

Being in the Hampton's for work for the entire month has it's perks. Probably the best one in my mind, is that I am surrounded by delicious cuisine. Here's a look at what I've been eating around town since I arrived:

Some coffee spots:
Jack's in Amagansett, has fabulous coffee, if you are anywhere near the east end of long island, you need to make a pit stop... or there's there Manhattan location too.

Some good lunch spots in Sag Harbor...
Provisions is a health food store with a pretty great cafe counter. The food is made fresh to order, and they have smoothies, fresh juices, coffees and teas as well..

The Dock House is another good spot, for a quick lunch or dinner. Last year I had a lobster roll there, and this year I had some fired clam strips and waffle fries. They have a host of great fresh seafood, being right on the dock in the harbor where the boats arrive probably doesn't hurt that.

Some Dinner spots I've enjoyed all over...
La Superica is a Mexican place in the downtown Sag Harbor area, I had there fajitas, and there guacamole. They had good food, but were a bit overpriced. They also had a good bar scene.
Bay Burger, on the Sag Harbor/Bridgehampton tpk is fabulous! They bake their own buns, and grind their own beef. The patty was cooked to perfection, the toppings were fresh and delish, and the bun was the perfect holder of all that goodness. They also have a few local beers on tap, along with milkshakes, and tater tots, who doesn't love a place where they can order Tots?!
The Sloppy Tuna is the restaurant that Patrick and I went to in Montauk when he was out. The food was superb! We had the scallop app, and He had the Lobster Roll Entre, while I had the Tuna special, I don't know what was in the dish, but oh my goodness it was a flavorful explosion! It had a good atmosphere too. But there dessert menu was lacking, if ya ask me..

Some Night Spots:
Other than the grabbing a beer at the Mexican restaurant, the only place I've gone out to since I've arrived is The Surf Lodge. It is supposedly The spot. It was extremely crowded, but it did have a funky vibe and awesome interior design, including these very fun hanging chairs! Patrick and I went there after dinner, had one drink, walked around, and then left.

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SissySees said...

My favorite chinese place that went out of business long ago had one table with those chairs. I never ate there; I have this thing about wanting my feet on the floor and you know I'm short...