Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eatin' Good: At Home

We have had a few good meals since we arrived... most of them cooked or at least prepped by yours truly.

In the first week we had a flank steak marinated in soy sauce and e.v.o.o., which was super yummy, we grilled it for about 6 minutes per side, making the ends of the steak well done, and the inside med. rare. Something for everyone. Served it up with some grilled corn on the cob and some roasted beets...Yum!

The following night, with the leftovers, I made a little chop salad, and added the corn (taken off the cob), and the flank steak re-heated and cubed. The salad also had plump grape tomatoes, diced red onion, fresh green beans, and a sprinkle of feta. Drizzled that with some oil and balsalmic and it made a lovely salad!

We've had plenty of white fish while we've been here. For that, I've basically been tossing it on the grill with a drizzle of olive oil and S & P. Then when its served up, squeezing some fresh lemon juice over the top. It's simple and delicious. I've also done the fish broiled on high with a drizzle of e.v.o.o., S & P, and Old Bay seasoning... and that is also quite yummy! I'm not the biggest fan of reheated fish, so I don't have any day 2 suggestions for ya there, but if you've got any for me, feel free to share!

For a meatless option, I cooked up some macaroni noodles, and pan fried some grape tomatoes, and yellow zucchini from the farm stand with crumbled tofu. You could do this with pasta sauce to, but we didn't have any on hand and I love squashing the little tomatoes! Drain the pasta and pour in some oil and salt, then toss it with the veg mixture, and season to taste. This is also good with mushrooms, and onions. Reheat the leftovers a couple days later for a yummy hot lunch.

That's what I have for you for some good eats. We have been grilling up all kinds of burgers, and dogs too.. and thankfully the kids pallets have enjoyed most of what's been served. (And when they don't, they get PB&J.)

Tonight I'm grilling some chicken, marinated in a teriyaki sauce! Should be good with some green beans and maybe some quinoa.

So, what are you cooking? Happy Eats.

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SissySees said...

Wanna' move to central VA? Earthquakes, hurricanes, flash floods, and a blizzard most winters... but I'd hand over my Nook so YOU could figure out the password mess so you could borrow anything I have...

I haven't FIXED anything awesome lately, but I had the best lamb chops Saturday night...